What should I do if the chassis of the NAS is damaged?
Posted by Daniel Orme on 03 January 2012 02:11 PM

If the chassis of your NAS is damaged, you may need to purchase a new chassis from an authorized distributor/reseller of QNAP and install the original hard disk drives to the new chassis. All the old disk data will be retained. Follow the steps below for chassis replacement:

1.   Make sure the hard disk drives on the NAS are not damaged. 

2.   Prepare a new chassis of the same NAS model. Please contact your local distributor for the purchase information. 

3.   Turn off the NAS (damaged chassis). 

4.   Unplug the hard disk drives (with the original drive trays) from the original NAS (damaged chassis). 

5.   Install the hard disk drives (with the drive trays) to the new chassis according to the original hard drive order. 

6.   Turn on the NAS (new chassis) and check if it works properly.

Caution: The NAS must be repaired by professional technicians, do not try to repair the server yourself.


Applied Models: All NAS Series

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11 June 2012 12:58 PM
Hi Kevin. Have you got any sizing iromnfation for the MAGX600-RADIUS-SERVER license for the SM360 (and SM160). I'm looking at deploying as RADIUS only initialy (for basic 802.1x auth into AD) and then upgrading to full UAC at a later date (Budget permitting). I can find no scaling info for RADIUS only. I would assume you can get more than 15K users per blade, but you know what they say about assumptions!ThanksRobin