How can I restrict a folder's capacity?
Posted by Daniel Orme on 23 December 2011 05:43 PM

The current Quota settings are user-based.  You can only restrict the maximum usage space based on username. 

If you really need to restrict the usable space of a folder, you can use a Storage Pool with multiple volumes, and use the volume size to restrict the available capacity of different share folders.


Applied Models: Arm-based series, x86-based series

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07 November 2012 12:57 AM
As to the bugs: I'll see what I can do about the stopping not wonikrg as expected. The other thing is that the ReadyNAS is simply missing IPv6 support, that's what the unable to create server socket is all about. The read slowdown as shown in your tests may be due to the fact that the iSCSI target acts just like a disc. So it will profit from not checking any permissions and also it doesn't have to bother with all the compatibility issues introduced with Windows 7 and Samba. This may explain why writes are faster. That reads are slower on the iSCSI target is most likely attributed to the fact that the iSCSI target doesn't do any caching whereas the SMB daemon does. So if the test is going to re-read the same file over and over, SMB is likely to be faster than the iSCSI target.