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What to do if you get "Storage pool threshold" warning after updating to QTS 4.2.1 official release
Posted by Daniel Orme on 25 April 2016 08:35 PM


In QTS 4.2.1 official release, the Storage Pool > Manage > Set Threshold setting will be force enabled if there are any snapshots in the pool. This is to warn the administrator if the pool is nearly full, since a 100% full storage pool with snapshots will cause all volumes to enter read-only mode.

Therefore this change is to help avoid the pool become full inadvertently and avoid the read-only volumes problem.

However some users may have set snapshot reserved and thick volume together and allocated 100% of the pool space, which caused an unexpected behaviour of the pool reporting warning status as below images.


The threshold definition will be modified in future firmware release to avoid this behaviour, however if you need an immediate workaround you can use the below method to avoid the pool threshold warning.


How to remove the pool threshold warning:

Open the Storage Manager and go to Storage Space page. Select the Storage Pool and click the Manage menu button. Then set the below 2 settings under the Actions drop-down menu:

  1. Set Threshold → set to 98% or higher

  2. Set Snapshot Reserved → set to a lower amount (e.g. 5%) or disable it completely

After this you should find the Storage Pool status will change to Ready (please wait 5-10 minutes if it doesn’t change immediately)

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