Why does my Turbo NAS system log state that "File system is not clean. It is suggested that you run check filesystem" ?
Posted by Albert Shan on 12 January 2016 04:18 PM

The "File system is not clean" message is to notice the user to do the file system check to make sure the data integrity. Generally, it happens when the data volume is not un-mounted properly. It could be:

1. The abnormal shutdown or force power off the NAS.
2. Some services are not stopped properly during the shutdown.
3. Other unexpected cases cause the data volume is not un-mounted properly.

If this message still appears in the log after you do the file system check and reboot the NAS properly.
You can find the QFix from below link to download it.

This QFix is to make file system in safe/clean status when shutting down the system. Please be aware below information.

1. This QFix can be applied on the QTS version 4.2.0 or later version.
2. It is not necessary to apply this QFix after next official QTS firmware release. (after build20160114) 

After downloading it, please extract the file and then update this QFix through the firmware update page.

Download link: 

Legacy Models CPU Type SafeShudown QFix
x10 Series; all models ARM
x12 Series; all models ARM
x19 Series; all models ARM
x20 Series; all models ARM
x21 Series; all models ARM
TS-509 Pro Intel
TS-809/TS-809U Intel
x39 Series; all models Intel
x59 Series; all models Intel
Home/SOHO models CPU Type SafeShudown QFix
x28 Series; all models ARM
x31 Series (without + ) ARM
x31+ Series ARM
TAS-x68 Series; all models ARM
HS-251 Intel
TS-x51 Series; all models Intel
SMB Models CPU Type SafeShudown QFix
x53 Series; all models Intel
x63 Series; all models AMD
x69 Series; all models Intel
x70 Series; all models Intel
x71 Series; all models Intel
Enterprise Models CPU Type SafeShudown QFix
x79 Series; all models Intel
x80 Series; all models Intel

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