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Surveillance License FAQ
Posted by Albert Shan on 01 September 2015 12:54 PM
  1. How do I purchase surveillance license to support more channels?

There are two ways to purchase licenses:

- Purchase through online license store (via PayPal)

- Purchase from local distributor. (Regions limited)


  1. How much is it per camera channel?

USD 59.99 per camera channel.


  1. Is there any discount if I make a mass licenses purchase?

Please contact local sales or submit the sales inquiry.


  1. Is there any annual fee for the license?

The license is a one-time purchase and so there's no annual fee required.


  1. How many camera channels are included with the free license by default?

Please visit below web site and click Management tab. In Expandable license management section, click Learn more link.


  1. How to install/activate the license?

There is a free license and it comes with the machine by default. No license installation or activation is required with this free license

For more channels requirement, you need to:

- Purchase licenses from the online license store or your local distributor.

- Go to [QTS Desktop] --> APP center --> My Licenses page to install/activate it.


  1. Do I need to reinstall license after reinitializing the system?

No but you need to write down all license PAKs before reinitializing the system. After the system initialization is done, you need to activate each license with these license PAKs.


  1. I have purchased the license but I did not receive any license file in my email.

The license file is a ZIP file. Some mail server may block this email. Please check it in your spam mail folder.


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