How to replicate the users, data, and access permissions between two NAS units
Posted by Daniel Orme on 08 April 2014 03:57 PM

Please do the following to completely replicate the users, groups, and permissions between two NAS.


Key: Source NAS = NAS1 ; Destination NAS = NAS2


Note: Any existing user, group, and share folder settings of NAS2 will be replaced


1. Access the NAS1 with WinSCP on SCP protocol:


2. Copy the following files off the NAS1 with WinSCP:







3. Create the exact same root share folders on NAS2 as are existing on NAS1


4. Connect to NAS2 with WinSCP


5. Copy the files from step 2 (passwd, group, shadow, smb.conf) into the /etc/config/ folder of NAS2 (say OK to overwrite)


6. To copy the data between the share folders, setup an RTRR job from the folders of NAS1 to NAS2 and select the policy option "Replicate ACL and extended attributes"

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