I have received 'insufficient ramdisk space' message in the System Log file, which process or application is making the RAMDisk full, what I have to do to avoid this situation?
Posted by Aleksandrs Sorohovs on 14 February 2014 02:10 PM

The root cause of the 'RAMDisk Full' problem can be that some of your QPKG has updates/configuration errors OR your NAS current firmware has a problem. 

First, I would suggest you to go into the QPKG Center, disable all of your QPKGs and after that - reboot your NAS unit and check again in the System Logs if the 'insufficient ramdisk space' message appears again -

a) This should solve the 'insufficient ramdisk space' situation. After this is done, you can enable your QPKGs one by one, and check your RAMDisk to see if it is filling up. I hope this will help you determine which QPKG is causing your RAMDisk to fill up.

b) If the message still appears, it's most likely a firmware issue. To solve this situation, please, remove all QPKG and reboot NAS once, and then update your NAS firmware again.

If the steps provided above don't help, please, send us your QPKG log file and the System log file for our analysis (see below for the instructions*).

*To get QPKG log file, please, perform the following -
1. Download the QPKG from the following link and unzip it.
2. Install the QPKG from the NAS App Center
3. Enable the "QNAP Diagnostic Tool" App
4. Follow the link to the Diagnostic Tool
5. Select the "Dump Logs" page
6. Click Dump, and download the zip file from the link
7. Remove the QNAP Diagnostic Tool from the App Center
8. Please, send me the zip file

*To get the System log file, go to the System Settings -> System Logs -> System Event Logs and press the button 'Save' and please, send us the zip file

Please, before doing the update, don't forget to backup your data first!

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Aleksandrs Sorohovs
14 February 2014 02:17 PM
Regarding the 'insufficient ramdisk space', addition stuff to check -
- IPKG stuff installed (check with a command 'ipkg list_installed' OR the command 'grep' to help get the information you need - ipkg list | grep -i "git") or other applications installed
- some single volume 4th partition's crash (please confirm by “dmesg”) will cause the RAM DISK full issue too. Please, do the data backup first (by Art)
- if you are using the Download station, check if files are saved in “Qdownload” folder. If yes, please change back to the “Download” folder (by Art)
- a backup process, sometimes it can't find the destination folder, and it's dumping everything in the RamDisk (being the default folder).