My download station cannot download http or bt files. What is the possible reason?
Posted by on 24 February 2011 04:05 PM

You may not set up the DNS address correctly if you setup fixed IP for the NAS. Go to Network setting > TCP/IP Configuration, and set DNS IP address.  You can get the correct DNS IP from your ISP. Or you can try google DNS which is and

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30 April 2012 04:25 PM
17. luren 2008/08/26 14:37 测试了“据说也可以设置为局域网的 DNS 服务器”,但不成功// the private (LAN) ntework space//acl “privlan” {;; };// our own private subnetsacl “private” {;; };是我的网段,谁知道怎么回事吗,或怎么查问题所在?(本机上测试已成功)luren 2008/08/26 15:00Sorry, 我自己解决了,XP自带的防火墙的问题,添加53端口就解决了