About the Timemachine error "The backup disk does not have ownership enabled. You must have ownership enabled to use this disk for Time Machine backups."
Posted by Daniel Orme on 05 November 2013 12:22 PM

If you Time Machine gives you the error ""The backup disk does not have ownership enabled. You must have ownership enabled to use this disk for Time Machine backups", this is a Mac OS issue.

It is caused by the Time Machine mount point not having ownership enabled. 


Try the following to fix it:


1. Open Mac OS Terminal


Type sudo su

2. Start the Time Machine backup from Mac OS


3. Keep running the command below in Terminal. It will only succeed during a small window when the folder is mounted, so it's necessary to keep repeatedly running the command until successful:

diskutil enableOwnership /Volumes/Time\ Machine\ Backups

When successful, you will see the output:
File system user/group ownership enabled


4. Then run the Time Machine backup again and it should work. 

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