Photo Station is still loading afte login , and it couldn't show anything even there are photo under share folders (Multimedia or others)
Posted by Tommy Chen on 09 October 2013 12:46 PM

This issue might occur under QTS 4.0.x with photo station 2.x

When you launch photo station on QTS  desktop or use

the URL: http://NAS_IP/photo or http://NAS_IP:8080/photo


First, please try to 2 steps

1.Confirm whether some media files on “Multimedia” (not under sub-folders)

   or add some pictures to "Multimedia:

2.Check media library and let it scan again


When these 2 steps done but failed again

If all folders deny accessing, please go to /share/Multimedia/ .@__thumb

(under Putty) to delete “ms_db.db” (mysql lite database for user setting)

Photo station will generate ms_db.db automatically.


Then please login photo station , check whether photo review is running well.


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