How to restore NAS smb.conf from backup
Posted by Daniel Orme on 24 September 2013 07:46 PM

If you have some issue such as the following:

- Re-launch process [smbd] appears in System Logs

- No users are able to access the NAS via Windows Explorer

- Trying to edit folder permissions in the administration page cause it to jump back to the login page


Then it might be a corrupted Samba configuration file. Follow the steps below to fix it:


1: Access the NAS via SSH, using the admin account and password.

(PuTTY Download:


2: Change to the backup config directory

For legacy volume (older NAS models): (if you have single-disk volume replace MD0_DATA with HDA_DATA)

# cd /share/MD0_DATA/.@backup_config


For static volume/storage pool (newer NAS models):

# cd /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.@backup_config


3: List the contents

# ls


4: Unzip the backup config. The most recent backup will start with 0_..., the next most recent with 1_... and so on

# tar -xvf 0_20121212_0304.tar.gz

5: Copy the backup config file to the /etc/config directory

# cp etc/config/smb.conf /etc/config


6: Restart the Samba service

# /etc/init.d/ restart

7: Delete the backup config unzip folder

# rm -r /share/MD0_DATA/.@backup_config/etc


8: Verify the service works again. If not, try again from step 4 with an older backup config


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