After update to 4.0.2, my NAS doesn't boot! (ARM-based models only)
Posted by Daniel Orme on 24 September 2013 07:38 PM

It might have been a failed update. Follow the steps below to fix it:

1. Power off NAS and remove all HDDs

2. Boot the NAS with HDDs removed
3. After the second long beep, the NAS is displayed in QFinder
4. Click the Tools > Update Firmware menu item
5. Download the relevant 4.0.1 flash firmware image (click on the file, then click download arrow in the bottom-right of the screen)
6. Install the downloaded flash image file with QFinder
7. After the update is completed, power off and boot the NAS with HDDs installed. It should boot completely now.
Note: This has been fixed in 4.0.3 and higher releases.
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