How do I totally clear and re-initialise the NAS?
Posted by David Chang on 18 September 2013 10:58 AM

Please follow the steps below to re-initialise your NAS.

Warning: This will clear all data on the HDDs!


Download Qfinder and install on your PC:


Download the NAS firmware and unzip it:


1. Power off the NAS. Remove all HDD
2. Power on the NAS without any HDD
3. After a short beep and a long beep, run QNAP Finder, it will find the NAS and its IP, (If you do not hear a short beep followed by a long beep, please contact us.)
4. Use QNAP Finder to locate NAS

5. Double-click the NAS in Qfinder and follow the setup wizard

6. In the web browser you will see the web page tells you there is no disk in the NAS 
6. Hot-plug the HDD back to the NAS one by one, wait till all disk LEDs are solid green (not flashing)
7. Continue the quick config setup to configure the NAS. During the process please upload the firmware file you downloaded.

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