How to reset the password when reset button is disabled/not working
Posted by Daniel Orme on 16 September 2013 02:16 PM

Follow the steps below to reset the password manually. This will also reset the NAS local users and groups.

  1. Power off the NAS and unplug all HDDs from the unit

  2. Power on the NAS, you will hear a short beep

  3. After 2-3 minutes, a long beep will be heard, and the NAS can be seen in QNAP Finder

  4. Hot-plug all the HDDs into the NAS (do not power off the NAS or do the quick setup)

  5. Connect to the NAS with SSH, using the username and password ‘admin’
    For Windows, you can connect with PuTTY (

  6. Run the commands below to mount the system volumes and configuration directory:

            [For older models]
    • config_util 1
    • storage_boot_init 1
    • rm -r /etc/config
    • ln -sf /mnt/HDA_ROOT/.config /etc/config

      [For newer models]
    • storage_util --sys_startup

  7. Change the admin password by below command:

    • passwd admin
    • type the new password when prompted

  8. Reboot the NAS:

    • reboot



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