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I forgot my user name and password for Twonky server, is there a way to reset them?
Posted by Alan Huang on 03 January 2012 03:19 PM

Please follow the instruction below:

1. Please make sure you have enabled the Telnet or SSH on your NAS. 
2. Use Putty to SSH to the NAS. (it is running at port 22); Or you can also Telnet to your NAS. 
ex: type "cmd" in your start menu, type in "telnet 13131" 
3. Use administrator account to log in. (admin:admin as example) 
4. type in the command: " cd /mnt/HDA_ROOT/.config " You will enter the path. 
5. type in " ls " you should see the files in the folder. You should be able to find the file. 
6. type in " rm twonkyvision-mediaserver.ini " or " rm twonkyvision-mediaserver6.ini ". 
7. Restart the server. (Go to web admin page, go to Network Services> Multimedia Station, Disable the "Enable UPnP MediaServer" and then re-enable it.


Applied Models: All NAS series


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01 May 2012 09:12 AM
Script works great. I'm sort of a code formatting nut tho. The sciprt will die during proc syntax check if you have your parameters set up like(param1 type,param2 type,param3 type)And cut and paste them directly from your editor to spedit.It doesn't like the newlines.if you//handle newlines and crlfs in parameters from crazy people$parameterlist=preg_replace( /[\r\n]/e', ,$parameterlist);before building sql it will handle this XDYour form displays the cleaned up stuff in a single line after submitting Nice sciprt man, keep plugging.-Neil
Avi P
13 May 2012 02:03 AM
I need to rese the twonky password on my TS-212. I set it and when I tried it it is not letting me in... I've tried all variants of what I entered and no dice. I tried the above but when I goto that directory there are 2 other ini files but no twonkvvsion.... I recently purchased the nas and it appears to be twonky6. Any help would be appreciated!
08 June 2012 10:49 PM
- Thanks for a fantastic shoot Kirsten! You relaly captured the mood I was after and the jewellery looks great. I can't believe you got the finished pictures back to me so quickly too. x
26 July 2012 03:05 AM
I have got the same problem like you Avi P . I can't see these ini - file. Can enybody help?
03 August 2012 06:18 AM
I've got the same problem as Avi P, but I've managed to find and delete the relevant files via SSH and telnet but I still could not login. I've even tried deleting the files inside the twonky folder and re-installing the firmware but it still does not work. Anyone help?
04 August 2012 08:52 PM
try this
26 September 2012 11:26 PM
km---omg, brilliant. Worked like a charm...and just a wee bit easier.
13 November 2012 04:33 AM
thank you km
worked like a charm for me, too.
27 November 2012 03:25 AM
km, great info, thx a lot
21 April 2013 08:40 PM
km - works perfectly on Twonky 7.0.8 Special, thanks