What should I do when the message "No UPnP router found on the network" is shown?
Posted by Alan Huang on 03 January 2012 03:07 PM

Please do the following:

1.    Make sure you have connected a router to the network and the router has been turned on.

2.    Make sure the router supports UPnP protocol.

       Login the management interface of the router and enable the UPnP option.  Refer to the user manual of the router for details.

3.    Report router compatibility issue

       *  If your UPnP router cannot be detected after checking (1) and (2) above. Click the exclamation mark icon (!) on the “Auto Router Configuration” page of the NAS.

       *  Click the "UPnP Router Compatibility Feedback" link.

       *  When the "UPnP Router Compatibility Feedback Form" is shown, enter the NAS and router information and submit the form. Our technical support staff will verify the issue as soon as possible.


Applied Models: Arm-based series, x86-based series

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11 June 2012 01:04 PM
MigueI, was trying to use this furteae for blocking ports via scheduler but have not luck (instead of block website to prevent games over internet but allow web broswing). For example I am trying to block ports 1119-1120 for preventing StarCraft 2 play online during certian hours. When I set the scheduler to the time I want to restrict the blocked ports it instead denies internet access if not during those times OR it will block StarCraft ports at all times. I have been of and on the phone with tech support with no luck, could you please look into this. My router is WRT120N by Linksys and firmware is most recent. Thanks Joe
17 August 2013 04:58 AM
Can you please publish somewhere which ports need to be forwarded so I can use this service with my incompatible router?